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Crowns & Bridges in Irving Revitalize Your Smile’s Strength

Senior man with healthy smileWhen you have a tooth that’s chipped, incomplete, or even missing altogether, life can feel a little more difficult as a result. At Daily Smile MacArthur, our dentists want to lend a helping hand as soon as possible in the form of restorations like crowns and bridges. This type of treatment is designed to rebuild dental structure that’s just as durable and functional as what was lost, helping you rely on your smile wholeheartedly once more. We offer these services to all ages when needed, so don’t hesitate to contact us in Irving, TX and schedule a first visit for yourself or a family member.

What is a Dental Crown?

Model smile with dental crown

Dental crowns (also sometimes referred to as “caps”) are individual dental restorations that are designed to cover the entire visible surface of a single tooth. The use of a crown has a two-pronged effect – it both protects what remains of the natural structure and rebuilds the tooth’s original shape and strength. Our dentists may recommend this restorative solution in the following situations:

  • When a tooth has experienced a serious injury.
  • When a tooth’s filling is failing and cannot be replaced by a new one.
  • When a cavity is too large to be treated by a regular filling.
  • When a tooth has a serious cosmetic imperfection.
  • When a tooth has become weakened and is at risk for fracturing.
  • When a single dental implant needs to be restored.
  • When a tooth has been treated with root canal therapy and needs coverage.

In most cases, a new, custom-made dental crown will require two appointments to be completed. During the first visit, our dentists will capture detailed impressions of the affected tooth/teeth and then place a temporary crown. Then, once we receive the finished restoration from our trusted dental laboratory, we’ll make final adjustments before cementing it securely in place.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Model smile with fixed bridge restoration

Dental bridges are named as such because they’re designed to literally “bridge” the gap left by a missing tooth or multiple teeth in a row. Our team will adjust natural teeth on either side of the gap so that they can accommodate dental crowns, which hold the bridge in place like anchors. The restoration will look lifelike, restore biting strength, and prevent surrounding teeth from shifting out of place. Like dental crowns, bridges will typically take two appointments of the patient’s time to fully complete.

Implant-retained bridges are also an option here at Daily Smiles MacArthur! This modern restoration attaches to placed dental implants instead of crowns, creating a healthier, more stable result that doesn’t require natural teeth to be negatively affected. Please let our team know if you’re interested in exploring this option.