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Braces for Bite Problems – Irving, TX

The Fast & Effective Solution to Bite Problems

Bite misalignment is a relatively common issue that impacts countless adults and children. It can be caused by a variety of issues, but without timely orthodontic treatment, it can result in additional issues developing down the road. That’s why at Daily Smiles MacArthur, we offer traditional braces to effectively treat bite problems that range in severity. During your initial consultation with your cosmetic dentist in Irving, you’ll have images taken of your facial structure and mouth to determine what bite misalignment issue you have. Based on these findings, our team will help build a customized braces treatment plan to address the issue to improve your daily quality of life.

What Types of Bite Problems Can Braces Fix?

person smiling with braces in Irving

Braces can fix a variety of bite problems that range in severity, including overbite, underbite, and cross bite. Each of these misalignment issues can cause different symptoms and struggles in your daily life, such as speech impediments, changes in your facial appearance, breathing issues, and pain or discomfort while chewing food.


When a patient has overbite, we typically notice that their upper teeth protrude in front of their lower jaw, causing what’s commonly referred to as “buck teeth”. It also makes the face appear rounder and shorter and is commonly known to result in TMD and jaw pain if it’s not treated.


Underbite is most commonly noted when the lower jaw extends forward, passed the upper arch of teeth. This causes the person to appear as though they’re sticking out their chin and lower teeth. For incredibly severe cases of underbite, it can cause the facial appearance to look distorted and have a noticeable impact on the person’s ability to pronounce certain words and sounds.


Cross bite occurs when children are born with narrow upper jaws that cause teeth to overlap and their upper and lower arches to not close effectively. Not only can this result in excessive wear and tear on teeth, but in more severe cases, it can cause arthritis.

Open Bite

When a person’s upper and lower teeth don’t come together as they should, this is called an open bite. This causes a noticeable gap between the two rows of teeth when someone closes their jaw. It’s a relatively common occurrence for people who would suck their thumbs aggressively as children.

What are the Benefits of Choosing Braces to Address Bite Issues?

computer animation of overbite

While there are several different treatments that can be used to address bite misalignment, for patients who have moderate to severe cases, braces in Irving are one of the most effective solutions. The secured brackets and wires are able to provide slight movement that gradually shifts the teeth into their ideal position. Plus, since they’re not removable, they’re constantly applying this force, allowing for effective and noticeable results. Unlike Invisalign, braces are able to correct some of the most complicated bite misalignment issues because they’re highly functional.