Picking Your Child’s Toothbrush with Your Pediatric Dentist in Irving

April 3, 2018

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A child brushing their teeth.When you have a child, you experience many “firsts” throughout their life. Everything from their first steps to their first words, they’re not something that you want to be absent for. When it comes to oral care, there’s no exception. When their first baby tooth comes out or when they have their first dental visit, you’ll want to be there to comfort them every step of the way. Following your visit, you’ll probably start wondering which toothbrush is right for them.

According to your pediatric dentist in Irving, there are a few key points to consider before purchasing a toothbrush for your child. Keeping these in mind will make oral care easier for them in the long-term.

The Key is Comfort

The most important factor to consider when choosing a toothbrush is comfort. If the toothbrush doesn’t fit in your child’s hand or mouth, then brushing is going to be far more difficult. This can easily cause them to dislike regular brushing time and may even cause them to skip it altogether, so make sure they can use it comfortably above anything else.

Additionally, many children’s toothbrushes come equipped with softer bristles. The softness of the bristles plays just as much a role as the handle and size of the toothbrush head, so ask your child what they think of the brush after they finish using it. You want them to have a positive association with oral care, so once you know their comfort preference, you can start focusing on cosmetics.

Find Out Their Preference

Most manufacturers incorporate different colors and cartoon characters on toothbrushes to make brushing more fun for kids. Children who are just learning about oral care are more likely to perform daily brushing if they get to do it with their favorite Disney princess or other character.

When keeping these customization options in mind, try to look for a toothpaste that pairs with their favorite toothbrush as well. Once you’ve found a toothbrush that physically fits them, let them choose one out of the pre-selected ones you’ve picked.

Manual vs. Electric

When it comes to effective cleaning, both manual and electric are great options. A manual toothbrush is ideal when your child is still a baby, but once they hit three years of age they can start using an electric toothbrush on their own. Electric brushes are typically more expensive, but they can also make brushing more fun!

Furthermore, electric toothbrushes are more likely to come with built-in timers. These help your child understand how long they’ve been brushing for and when they’ve brushed for long enough. Some electric toothbrushes can sing your child’s favorite songs which you both can sing along while you brush together. The more positive experiences you create with your child regarding oral care, the more likely they’ll stick with it into adulthood.

Picking your child’s first toothbrush is easy when you keep these tips in mind. Schedule your child’s first appointment with your pediatric dentist in Irving today to learn more!

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