Your Emergency Dentist in Irving Explains Causes of Tongue Pain

April 18, 2018

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man brushing tongueWhen it comes to your mouth, you spend the most time focusing on the health of your teeth and gums but what about your tongue? Often, you do not put much thought into its health or care. If it suddenly becomes painful or sore, you might be caught off guard by what could be the cause. In some cases, the pain could be as simple as accidently biting it while other times it could be due to a more severe issue. To find the cause of the unexplained pain, it is best to contact your emergency dentist in Irving.

Why Does My Tongue Hurt?

Tongue pain is often the result of biting it or a minor burn when eating or drinking. This discomfort will usually subside within a few days. Unfortunately, pain can also be the result of a larger problem. If there has not been any trauma or injury to your tongue, it is best to see your dentist to find the cause. Common reasons for pain or tenderness of the tongue can include:

Canker Sores: There may come a time when a small, painful ulcer develops on the tongue, which can result from various factors, like eating spicy foods, hormonal changes, or stress. Most canker sores heal on their own; however, if the problem does not subside, it is best to see your dentist.

Burning Mouth Syndrome: When there is an ongoing problem of a burning sensation in your mouth, it can cause significant discomfort. Sometimes, the pain can be sudden or appear gradually. To alleviate the problem, your dentist will pinpoint the cause to create a personalized treatment plan.

Tumors: Oral cancer can cause ulcers, unusual patches, and growths to develop in the mouth. If an unusual bump or spot develops on your tongue, it is best to have your dentist perform an oral cancer screening right away.

Infection: Your tongue can develop an infection due to an injury or bacteria growth. This can often lead to painful bumps, swelling, and general tenderness. Your dentist will find the cause of the infection to create a treatment plan to stop your discomfort while restoring your oral health.

Prevent Tongue Pain

Although not all tongue pain can be avoided, you can help to reduce the risk for an issue developing by taking the time to care for it each day. When brushing and flossing, it is best to gently brush your tongue to remove trapped food particles and bacteria to keep it healthy.

Call Your Dentist Right Away

If you develop a sore or painful tongue, it is best to contact your dentist in Irving right away. They will determine the cause of your discomfort to provide the solutions you need for treatment.

About Daily Smiles Dental MacArthur

Daily Smiles Dental MacArthur is committed to helping our patients achieve optimal oral health. In addition to services for your teeth and gums, we can also treat issues that affect the tongue. If you have developed pain, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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