Are Sports Drinks Bad for Your Teeth? A Dentist in 75062 Weighs In

October 29, 2018

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Millions of Americans are committing themselves to getting fit. And that’s great; all of us should get plenty of exercise. But, if you’re relying on sports drinks to keep you hydrated, then you could be setting yourself up for a visit to your dentist in 75062. That’s because most sports drinks are high in sugar and citric acid, two ingredients that can knock your teeth down for the count. In this post we present tips for enjoying these products in a smart, healthy way.

Are Sports Drinks Really the Healthy Choice?

Our bodies are pretty good at keeping themselves in balance. When we get too cold we shiver and our bodies redirect heat to our core. But countering the effects of excessive heat is more difficult. Perspiring is one way we cope with this challenge. As sweat evaporates, we begin to cool down. Think of it as nature’s version of air conditioning.

This safeguard has its limits, however. One reason for this is that perspiration releases more than just water. It also reduces our supply of sodium and potassium. Not only can this affect our athletic performance, it can contribute to dangerous conditions like heat exhaustion.

One way to counter this effect is to replenish what nature takes out. That’s the idea behind sports drinks. These beverages are rich in essential minerals. Not only do they quench our thirst, they help us to stay active for longer.

So why are health authorities concerned about the effects these products can have? One reason is because many brands are high in sugar. In fact, some sports drinks contain almost as much sugar as a non-diet soda.

Sugar makes drinks sweeter and gives the person a short-term burst of energy, which comes in handy during athletic events. But sugar also promotes tooth decay, making it a danger to your dental health.

The high sugar content of sports drinks is not the only source of concern. Citric acid is another common ingredient in these products. It lengthens shelf life and enhances the beverage’s flavor. But it also erodes tooth enamel. Combined with sugar, it’s like a one-two punch to your mouth.

Moderation Is the Key

None of this means that you should stay away from sports drinks altogether. However, it does mean that you should limit your consumption of these products.

As for rehydrating your body, nothing beats plain water. One way to give H2O a burst of flavor is to add an spritz of lemon juice and maybe a little noncaloric sweetener like aspartame. Or try chilled herbal tea, which is rich in healthy antioxidants.

Living a balanced life is essential to staying healthy. What we put in our bodies is just as important as what we put them through. So stay active, drink plenty of water, and limit your consumption of sports drinks and other sugary beverages. Not only will this help you to stay fit, it can save you from an unexpected visit to a dentist in Irving. That’s a sweet reward all by itself.

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