When Can I Return to Work After Getting Dental Implants?

May 31, 2022

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When it comes to missing teeth, dental implants are one of the best solutions available. These awesome titanium posts can completely restore a compromised smile and turn your life around! But you might be wondering about the recovery process for this treatment: how long will you be out of commission for, and when can you return to work? Even though implant surgery is relatively minor, it still needs to be taken seriously and there is an expected timeline for recovery. Here’s everything you need to know about the process and some tips for ensuring that you get back on track without any delays.

What Can Affect My Recovery Time?

Since everybody’s individual needs differ, the implant process might be more complex for some patients, which can influence the recovery timeline. Here are some factors to consider:

  • The number of implants you’re getting – If you’re only receiving one or two implants, you can expect a shorter healing period. However, more implants can even add additional days to the process.
  • Bone grafts – In some instances, additional bone tissue needs to be added to the implant site to help the jaw support the posts. A minor bone graft won’t change the recovery timeline much, but complex work could increase the length of recovery.
  • Compliance to post-op instructions – After receiving your implants, you’ll be given detailed instructions to follow to ensure that everything heals normally. Following these instructions is the best way to expedite the healing process and prevent problems or setbacks.

When Can I Return to Work?

In most cases, dental implant surgery doesn’t take very long, and the procedure can be completed in a single afternoon. Many patients can return to work the very next day, and few need more than two or so days to resume their normal daily routines. However, depending on the complexity of your procedure, your body’s healing capabilities, and any potential and unforeseen circumstances, this is subject to change. Your dentist will have a better idea of how long it will likely take for you to recover.

Tips For Your Aftercare Period

The best way to ensure that your implants heal quickly and correctly is to properly manage your aftercare! This will also help safeguard them in the future—even though dental implant success rates are quite high, the days immediately following their placement are crucial to their success. Consider the following during your aftercare period:

  • Stick to a soft food diet (applesauce, yogurt, milkshakes, smoothies, etc.).
  • Avoid smoking or using tobacco products.
  • Refrain from strenuous exercise and physical activity.
  • Stay hydrated and get plenty of rest.
  • Use painkillers as necessary, as well as a cold compress to reduce inflammation.
  • Keep your mouth clean! You’ll be provided with detailed instructions for how to carefully do this.
  • Follow any additional instructions and guidelines provided by your dentist.

Although it depends on your individual situation, you can expect to be out of commission for at least a day or two after receiving your dental implants. However, ensuring the proper aftercare can help to keep everything right on track.

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