4 of the Best Braces Moments in Pop-Culture History

December 16, 2022

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Even though it may feel daunting to change up your look with metal braces, many people find unique ways to make them their own. Whether it’s adding your favorite color of elastics to your appliance or just being proud of your smile regardless of whether it’s straightened yet or not, rocking your orthodontic appliances can make your treatment more joyous! Take a page out of pop-culture history and learn from the greats, like Katy Perry, Josie Geller, and countless other characters and stars who have done the same!

Josie Geller in Never Been Kissed

Journalist Josie Geller, played by the iconic Drew Barrymore, returns to high school to research teenage culture and infiltrate the popular cliques on campus. In this Blockbuster movie from 1999, she dawns metal braces while navigating the complicated high school life and falling in love.

Murray from Clueless

In 1995, the cult classic film, Clueless arrived on the scene in all of its fashionable glory and iconic character portrayal—one of the most memorable being Murray. He rocked his metal braces, never letting them damper his style. Instead, he showed them off confidently and proudly throughout the movie, and honestly—they made him look cool!

Faith Hill at the Grammy’s

In 2001, American singer and actress Faith Hill graced the red carpet at the Grammy’s flashing her new metal braces with clear brackets. Not only did she make them look stunning, but she also proved that braces can actually be a fashion accessory.

Cindy Crawford’s Pepsi Commercial

In the 90’s, Cindy Crawford dawned metal braces during one of her many memorable Pepsi commercials and even proudly re-tweeted the memory a couple of years ago to remind her followers that anybody can look good rocking their orthodontic appliance!  

Owning Your New Look

When you choose metal braces, it can seem like a big commitment, not just because you’ll likely be wearing them for a year or more, but also because it can change your overall look. Here are some ways you can make your new orthodontic appliance your own:

  • Get clear brackets that aren’t as noticeable
  • Choose your favorite colors of elastics
  • Remember that braces are just a temporary style change

Taking pride in the hard work that you’re putting towards straightening your smile will not only make your treatment smooth-sailing, but it can also help you appreciate your end results more!

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Dr. Rafiq Hirji has over 10 years of experience practicing dentistry. He regularly completes additional training and continuing education courses in a wide range of specialties, including orthodontics. This allows him to offer both traditional metal braces and Invisalign clear aligners to patients of all ages. For questions or to schedule a consultation to learn more about your orthodontic treatment options, visit Daily Smiles MacArthur’s website or call 972-546-4114.

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