5 Iconic Braces Moments in Cinema

November 29, 2023

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Chuckie Finster from All Grown Up

Countless teens and adults are anxious about getting braces because of how they may change their appearance. However, what the world has learned over the years is that you can either let your braces impact your confidence, or you can accept that they’re a part of your life for a year or two and rock them. Learn that lesson from the best by looking back on these five iconic movie characters and their braces that have shaped pop culture.

Murray in Clueless

Donald Faison, most popular for his role as Turk in the show Scrubs, was also in the iconic coming-of-age teen comedy that came out in 1995, Clueless. His character, Murray, was charming, cool, and the boyfriend of one of the most popular girls in his high school, Dionne. It’s no wonder because he looked great with braces!

Chuckie Finster in All Grown Up/Rugrats

Chuckie Finster is Tommy Pickles’ best friend in the show Rugrats, but the spin-off depicting them in their middle school years, All Grown Up, presented a new side of his character. His loyalty and compassion made him a great friend, but one of his most noticeable traits is his braces! In middle school, it can feel hard to be your authentic self. Add on undergoing orthodontic treatment, and that can be even harder! However, Chuckie Finster’s character shows everyone that it’s possible!

Mike Wazowski in Monsters University

Mike Wazowski is a memorable character for so many reasons, capturing the laughs of people in theaters everywhere in the first Monsters Inc. movie. Then, over a decade later, we got to see him during his teenage and college years in Monsters University, where he sported braces!

Cindy Crawford in a Pepsi Commercial

Although this isn’t a movie, Cindy Crawford’s iconic Pepsi Commercial was a moment that all fellow braces wearers should feel proud of! In 1992, the supermodel made a bold choice to flash her smile on camera for millions to see, and everybody loved it! In fact, the world enjoyed it so much that in 2021, she recreated the original commercial to raise money for cancer research.  

Betty Suarez in Ugly Betty

The show Ugly Betty featured a 22-year-old, Betty Suarez, who sports her own personality and style that makes her stand out from the crowd. Despite the name of it, the show’s lovable and relatable characters hold true to its message that beauty isn’t what you look like or wear—it comes from who the person is on the inside.

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