4 Stocking Stuffers to Boost Your Loved Ones’ Oral Health

December 6, 2023

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Christmas is quickly approaching, so if you haven’t finished all of your gift shopping, now’s the best time to do so! Picking out stocking stuffers in particular can be incredibly hard, especially if you don’t want to just get your loved ones’ sweets. One great idea is to fill their stockings with products that they’ll actually use and benefit from, like ones that are dental hygiene-related. Read on for four thoughtful stocking stuffer ideas that can boost the health of your favorite smiles.

A New Toothbrush

Toothbrushes today offer a variety of high-tech and helpful features that distinguish them from those of the past. While there are pricey options for new toothbrushes that may constitute more as a gift instead of a stocking stuffer, there are also much more affordable ones that come highly recommended!

Quip, hum by Colgate, Philips One, and a variety of other brands are reuseable and environmentally friendly, and highly affordable. They also have special features that make them an excellent addition to anybody’s oral hygiene routine. For example, the hum by Colgate Smart toothbrush connects via Bluetooth to a phone app that allows the user to track which quadrants of their mouth they have brushed!

An Easy-to-Use Water Flosser

Do you have someone in your life who isn’t a great flosser? Consider getting them a water flosser for Christmas! These are easy to maneuver, making them great for people with disabilities, and today, they have a much smaller design that gives them a low profile on any bathroom countertop. Water flossers are also great for those with an orthodontic appliance or dental work that makes using standard dental floss more difficult.

Flavored Dental Hygiene Products

You may be surprised to find out that even for adults, flavored dental hygiene products are popular! This is because they make the experience of keeping up with your smile fun and enjoyable. Products like Cocofloss, as well as other mouthrinse and toothpaste brands, allow you to choose from a variety of exciting flavors, like watermelon, vanilla bean, and mint, making them great stocking stuffers.  

Treats That Won’t Cause Cavities

Instead of opting for jawbreakers or candy that you can suck on, leaving a lingering coating of bacteria-attracting sugar within the mouth, opt for treats that are smile-safe, like xylitol, sugar-free gum or breath mints. These are just as delicious, but won’t create the headache of needing a dental filling, or worse, accidentally breaking a tooth!

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